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(in alphabetical order)

1) Deepa Kiran.

2) Lyla Paladugu.

3) Padmini Rangarajan.

Ongoing Storytelling Activities in Hyderabad.



Deepa Kiran.Founder-Director, Story Arts India.

Deepa is a professional storyteller, writer, and educator engaged with employing story-arts as a pedagogical intervention, deeply impacting both the learner and the teacher.She has held teacher-training workshops and musical-storytelling performances across India and in other countries.

†††† As a research scholar, Deepa has completed a research grant award project with the British Council on "English Language Teacher Development".

†††† She is a resource person with Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT), Ministry of Culture, for training central Government school teachers across India.

†††† She is a guest expert for the "International Training Program" at English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad.

†††† Deepa gives Storytelling training to people of all ages and professions (including educators, relating to language,maths,science,law,engineering, business studies,etc).

†††† Deepa's Workshops for Teachers include, "Storytelling in the Classroom".Her Workshops for Adults and Children include, "Whole Body Communication and Creative Self-expression in Storytelling".

†††† She gives talks at forums of art, culture, language, literature, and learning -- at TED Talks, Rotary Clubs, Lion Clubs, Toast Masters, etc.She also gives talks at educational events such as the International Teacher Educator Conference, the English Language Teachers Association of India Conference (ELTAI), and the Indian Public Schools Council (IPSC).

†††† Deepa gives Storytelling performances of folktales, stories about Bhakti poets, and characters from epics and mythology (Dashavatara, Hanuman, etc).She also researches, composes, and performs customized Storytelling programs on specific issues such as Rock Conservation and Bird Watching.

†††† Deepa has performed at numerous festivals, including the Kala Ghoda Festival, Mumbai; the Katha Utsav Festival, New Delhi; the Hyderabad Literature Festival, and the Iran International Storytelling Festival, Tehran, Iran.

†††† She has authored a childrenís print-with-audio book, "The Royal Mistake".

†††† A Tamil language Aval Vikatan article about her work is here.An English language article about her work is here.

†††† A recording of a TED talk by Deepa is here.Recordings of her telling stories can be found on Youtube ("Deepa Kiran Storyteller").

Contact info:

90529 10239

The Story Arts India website is under renovatation.




Lyla Paladugu.Founder-Director, Kathakalpa.

Lyla has been an avid art lover since childhood.However, it was when she started reading stories to her own child that she realised storytelling is not only an art, it can also be a wonderful teaching-and-learning activity that can communicate emotions and boost thinking capacity.Having realized this -- and empowered by dream and driven by passion -- Lyla called a quit to her 10 year corporate career as a trainer, and opted instead to apply herself to using storytelling to facilitating mental, social, and academic development in children.Thus, she established Kathakalpa.

†††† At Kathakalpa, Lyla and team tell stories to children, to help the children integrate their emotions and intellects, blending life skills and academics.The stories and storytelling help the children to improve their language skills, and along the way, the children's imaginations are stirred, and often a love of reading blossoms in the children.Children learn to relate images and words to experiences.Children are encouraged to participate in various storytelling and storytelling-related activities, which help lay foundations for the children's thinking, behavioural, and academic skills -- and, above all, for their bright futures.


90147 02954



Padmini Rangarajan
Founder-Director STEPARC.
Padmini is an Educational Puppeteer and Research Scholar.She holds a PG degree in Social Work (1993-95), and a PG Diploma in Womenís Studies (1997-1998), from Karnatak University, Dharwad, Karnataka.She received a Tata Fellowship in Folklore, 2012-2013.

†††† Padmini was in the teaching field for over ten years.She was a Lecturer regarding Spoken English at Vivekananda Institute of Languages, Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad, 2003-2009.

†††† In 2005, Padmini started the Sphoorthi Theatre for Educational Puppetry, Art, and Craft (STEPARC), which uses puppetry as a medium of education.It conceptualises and produces Puppet plays, and storytelling with Puppets.It conducts workshops for teachers, parents, organisations, and children.

†††† STEPARC has also provided puppetry-related services to NGOs working in tribal and rural areas in Andhra Pradesh.

†††† Padmini attends Seminars and Conferences relating to Theatre and the Social Sciences, and has presented papers on Folklore, Theatre, Puppetry, Storytelling, Language, Sociology, Women's Studies, and Education.Approximately ten of her papers have been published in Journals.

Contact info:

0 98660 81172

040 2740 3699







Ongoing Storytelling Activities in Hyderabad --




Sphoorthi Theatre for Educational Puppetry, Art, and Craft.


Story Arts India.