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Storytellers (and other Story Experts)

(in alphabetical order)

1) Dharithri Krishnamurthy.

2) Leena Kulkarni.

3) Nancy Katyal.

4) Sharanya Shriram.
Yamini Vijendran.





1) Dharithri Krishnamurthy.

Dharithri is a certified professional storyteller from Kathalaya and has introduced Story Space - A Kathalaya Learning Centre, to Pune.  Dharithri holds a MA in German and is proficient with multiple languages.  She is also a certified Jolly Phonics trainer.  She has around 8 years of corporate experience.  Dharithri started storytelling when her older daughter was born in 2007.  She would create various stories to teach/introduce various concepts.  Since day one she would narrate stories to her little one and has taught her children everything through stories and music.  As she is passionate about teaching and learning with children, she decided to use her skills for the benefit of many more children.  Dharithri does storytelling sessions at various schools, libraries and activity centres, and conducts regular classes as well.  She conducts regular workshops for teachers, parents and children.

Contact info:

98900 84699



2) Leena Kulkarni.

Leena simply loves storytelling and has been storytelling right from her childhood days.  She is a children's storyteller, having keen interest in using storytelling as a medium for educational and therapeutic purposes.  She regularly conducts weekend storytelling and read-along sessions for children.  Many of the stories narrated in these sessions are written by her.  Her children's stories have been also published in newspapers.  She narrates stories in English as well as Marathi. 

     An Engineer with over ten years of experience in the IT industry, Leena has groomed many newcomers and entrants in her role as a Manager.  She combines this experience with her love of storytelling, soft skills exposure, and interest in psychology to make a difference in children's lives.

Contact Info:

88066 60410


3) Nancy Katyal.
A Storyteller and an ardent believer in the power of storytelling to open doors, build new relationships, help one to serve others effectively, and enhance one's leadership abilities.
     Nancy is a post-graduate in Human Resources, and is a practicing Speech and Drama Facilitator/Trainer/Coach.  She has rich experience -- in both corporate settings and in schools -- in helping people to discover and develop their inner talents.
     "We tell stories because stories last".
Contact info:
98902 67892
To see a brochure containing a description of my Storytelling Workshop, please click here.



4) Sharanya Shriram.

An ex-banker turned enrichment coach, Sharanya conducts:

- Moral-based story-and-craft sessions for children.

- Puppet shows.

- Storytelling sessions for introducing sensitive topics to children and young teens.

- Teacher-training workshops.

- Corporate breakout events (for families).

- Phonics, and joy of reading, sessions.

     Sharanya has been part of the Chennai Storytelling Festival from 2016 onward.  Apart from conducting her own sessions, she has been associated with schools such as Shemrock, Vaels Vidyashram, LocoPoco (Hirandani), and Primrose.  She has also conducted customised events with corporates like Cotiviti and OneSource.  These events span a wide spectrum of activities, including storytelling for children, teacher-training workshops, and breakout sessions at company events.  Being fluent in multiple languages (Hindi, Marathi, French, Telugu, English, and Tamil), Sharanya is able to connect with diverse groups, and customises content accordingly.

     Member: Chennai Storytellers (even though she has re-located to Pune)


96866 22237



5) Yamini Vijendran.

Yamini has been a storyteller all her life, indulging in creating both written and oral stories.  She published her first short story at the age of eleven.  She was just writing stories for, and telling them to, her near and dear ones until recently, when she decided to also take her stories to a larger audience.  This resulted in a number of short stories being published in various literary magazines, a couple of novellas being published on Amazon, and the birth of WriteNow Communication Services, which provides communication training services to businesses.

     Suno Kahaani is the storytelling initiative under WriteNow, through which Yamini conducts storytelling sessions at schools and activity centers across Pune.  Yamini and her team also conduct storytelling workshops, communication skills training, creative writing workshops, and many more programs -- for both children and adults.


90499 87275